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Our Programs

Spay/Neuter & Return
  • Our Spay/Neuter and Return Program supports pet owners who have challenges accessing or affording the veterinary care their pets need.

  • We offer to take in, care for, and vet these dogs so they can safely return home to their families while reducing the risk of overpopulation in their communities.

  • This program allows eligible Saskatchewan residents to have their pet spayed/neutered and receive other veterinary services at a low cost.

  • This program aims to positively impact the number of unowned dog populations in our province.

  • A sustainable spay/neuter and return program is an essential step to addressing dog populations that have surpassed the capacity of local communities to adequately care for them. 

Community Outreach
  • Our community outreach program provides informal pet therapy to vulnerable populations in Saskatoon.

  • A sense of connection is important for mental and physical wellbeing, and our community outreach program was created to foster a sense of connection for people who need it most by providing puppy therapy to vulnerable populations within Saskatoon.

  • We all have a biological, basic human need to make purposeful connections, and our community outreach program was designed to create opportunities for Saskatoon’s vulnerable populations to have meaningful interactions through puppy therapy.

  • When people, particularly older adults and people with complex needs, are given opportunities to interact with animals, it can have a therapeutic effect and improve overall wellbeing.

  • Visits from our puppies can provide an event to look forward to and a welcome change from routine while also bringing comfort and cheer.

  • A visit from our outgoing dogs promotes interaction and engagement for those who need it most.

  • A visit from an affectionate and playful animal creates a point of connection between individuals and the pet, and between the people who are bonding over the shared experience.

  • Do you know of a facility, group, or individual who could benefit from pet therapy? Have them apply today by emailing our Community Outreach Coordinator:

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